About Us

Our Approach

Canyon Cove RV Park and Cottages is set on 8 beautiful acres of Texas Hill Country with ancient live oaks, fishing ponds, and places to explore and picnic. Our company motto is “A Peaceful Place to Make Memories.” That is also our goal for you and your family. We want you to be able to get away, decompress, reconnect, and re-energize in nature enjoying the amazing beauty of this little corner of Texas. We specialize in long term stays and love working with long term and permanent residents of our park.

Our Story

Many years ago when our kids were still young and we still lived in Colorado, a good family friend convinced us to take a trip with them to see the whole of Texas. We were hesitant at first but were soon hooked. Not long after, we bought our first RV and returned only to fall in love with with the idea of a Texas RV park. It took us 10 years to realize that dream, but two years ago we were given this wonderful opportunity.

Debra had worked in the insurance and finance industry and David drove semi trucks both for over 20 years. It was time to make a change. With Debra’s experience with business and finance and David’s mechanical and trucking knowledge, the team was set. We sold everything and moved to the state we fell in love with, excited to show others the same great experience we had.

Meet the Team

Our family is excited to meet you! We live on sight and are ready to help you with what you need to settle in.


Park Owner

I really enjoyed working in insurance and finance.  I loved coffee at Starbucks in downtown Denver, Colorado. I didn’t really even mind the commute even in the ice and snow during the winter.

That being said, my commute is now less than 30 feet. I have coffee by the pond with my pet ducks every morning. I never thought I could give up my house and closet space but I’ve downsized from four bedrooms and two baths to a 32 foot RV. I really enjoy my much simpler life and hope to give all my guests the same opportunity.


Park Owner

I worked many years in the trucking industry, rolling through the lower 48 states. It should be a testament that I now choose to hang my hat in Texas. I’ve come to realize that even a bad day in the RV park is far better than a good day trucking in the Colorado mountains. Now I’m able to enjoy riding my motorcycle down River Road whenever I have the rare spare moment. I’ve come to love the Canyon Lake area and the Canyon Cove community and treat it like a part of my family. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


Head of Security

I have been with the family since 2013.  Early on, my duties were very basic as we only lived on about half an acre. I watched  the house till Dave and Deb came home from work.  I helped keep the cat in check and took the teenagers on walks.

Then we moved here. I now have many more responsibilities. I watch the office, keep the ducks in line, and walk Dave  and Deb as much as I can. I have guests all the time so this is a much bigger job and I really feel much more fulfilled!

Let Us Show You the Way!

Whether for only a few days or many months, we are here to help you experience what we have have in Canyon Cove RV Park. We will do everything in our power to be your Peaceful Place to Make Memories.

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